Tours offer near to Budapest
Tour offer near to Budapest

Brief summary:
We reccomend our tours for people who would like to be richer with unforgettable moments. Our tours are going through forrests and runnels with a beautiful panoramic view from the plateau over Törökbálint.
1 hour:
50 Euro/ Person
1,5 hour:
70 Euro/ Person
2 hour:
90 Euro/ Person

1 hour Jeep tour:
60 Euro/car (max. 3 Person)

Transfer Budapest-> Törökbálint-> Budapest
- Taxi 60 Euro/ max. 6 person
- Mini bus 150 Euro/ max. 18 person
- Jeep transfer 60 Euro/car (max. 3 person)
Additional programs:
-Shooting gallery 70 Euro/ person
Appointment required.


We recommend you to try our longer programs or possibly a quad weekend in a real natural and romantic atmosphere. It gives you a memorable experience extreme sections and water crossings with mud! As well as it includes hungarian pubs, animal parks, ruin castles, Calvary, quarries .... and plenty of attractions that we provide during these two days.
We can provide catering for any kind of our program. Our picnic offer consist of wide range variety of snack, fresh fruits and many different kind of drink. In addition to the basic picnicmenu you can have a traditional hungarian taste consist of pork or goat cheese tasting, complete with multi-course menus from our farm or horse farm, served in a rustic setting!
Of course, any other ideas and program can achieve, we are partners and open for anything!

If you are inerested, please contact us via following addresses:
Tel.: 00 36 20 222 2825

ATV is a dangerous, extreme amusement, that can be only practiced on your own responsibility!
Please purchase an extreme sport insurance!